1.  Q) LAN Airlines is an airline from where?

2.  Q) Who founded The Salvation Army in 1865?

3.  Q) What name is given to an angle of less than 90 degrees?

4.  Q) Where is the hometown of heptathlete Jessica Ennis-Hill?

5.  Q) What was the name given to the Apollo 12 Lunar Module?

6.  Q) Consumption of the sciatic nerve is forbidden in which religion?

7.  Q) Where would you find an airport named after John Murtha?

8.  Q) The cut known as a flitch is today generally associated with which type of meat?

9.  Q) The Galapagos Islands form a province of which country?

10.  Q) Which legendary Greek king commanded the Greek armies at the siege of Troy?

11.  Q) A vehicle with HR on its registration plates is from where?

12.  Q) Which astronomer was the first to formally theorise the idea that the earth was not the centre of the universe in the 16th century?

13.  Q) Which star sign is represented by the crab?

14.  Q) What name is given to the group of mountains in Scotland whose altitudes range from 2,500 to 3,000 ft?

15.  Q) Which internet texting service was created by US software designer Jack Dorsey in 2006?

16.  Q) Which American singer-songwriter had a hit in 1984 with the single Time After Time?

17.  Q) How many square millimetres are in one square metre?

18.  Q) Which chemical element has the symbol Co?

19.  Q) What was the name of the 17th prime minister of Australia who went missing presumed drowned in 1967?

20.  Q) What was the title of the theme song for the James Bond film Quantum Of Solace?

21.  Q) The restaurant on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower is named after which French author?

22.  Q) Which bird has the Latin name Branta canadensis?

23.  Q) What is the collective name for the first five books of the bible?

24.  Q) Who sculpted the figure of Peter Pan which stands in Kensington Palace Gardens?

25.  Q) Where were the Summer Olympics held in 1988?

26.  Q) How is/was Alecia Beth Moore better known?

27.  Q) Wednesday Morning 3am was the debut album of which famous singing duo?

28.  Q) For what team was Mika Hakkinen driving when he won the Formula One championship in 1998?

29.  Q) Which fruit is also known as an alligator pear?

30.  Q) Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis starred in which 2004 Christmas film?

31.  Q) The adjective taurine relates to which type of creature?

32.  Q) In which English county is the town of Wiveliscombe?

33.  Q) For which wedding anniversay is Diamond the traditional recognized gift?

34.  Q) Which mammal is also known as the tatou or ocarro?

35.  Q) Larceny is a name for what type of crime?

36.  Q) Pique, or Marcella, is a style of what?

37.  Q) Posology is the study of what?

38.  Q) Which German composer is celebrated in an annual festival in the Bavarian town of Bayreuth?

39.  Q) What was the British Christmas No.1 Single in 1965?

40.  Q) Which literary amateur detective investigated The Murder At The Vicarage?

41.  Q) On what river does Dushanbe, Tajikstan stand?

42.  Q) Which US President followed Abraham Lincoln?

43.  Q) Who starred as the humanoid alien Thomas Jerome Newton in the 1976 film The Man Who Fell To Earth?

44.  Q) What part of a bird is the syrinx?

45.  Q) What is the name of the spit of land on which Sydney Opera House was constructed in the Sixties?

46.  Q) What is Jamie Oliver's wife called?

47.  Q) Which composer was born in the Tuscan town of Lucca in 1858?

48.  Q) Whom did Adolf Hitler appoint as Reich Minister of Armaments and War Production in February 1942?

49.  Q) In which year did the Vietnam War end?

50.  Q) Which of Wikipedia's founders was born in Alabama?

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