1.  Q) On what river does Jakarta, Indonesia stand?

2.  Q) Who said: "Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak, Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen." "?

3.  Q) Which 17th-century scientist is often credited with the invention of the cat flap?

4.  Q) Who founded the Quaker Movement?

5.  Q) Max Verstappen is a famous name in which sport?

6.  Q) Dookie was a 1994 album from which band?

7.  Q) Who was the first man in space?

8.  Q) What is the capital of the British Virgin Islands?

9.  Q) What is the metric unit of illuminance?

10.  Q) Where in England is the Britannia Royal Naval College?

11.  Q) In ancient Rome, which kind of professional would regularly use a groma?

12.  Q) A mogwai is a monster or demon in whose culture?

13.  Q) In tennis, who did Simona Halep beat in the final of 2018's French Open?

14.  Q) Where would you find an airport named after Kenneth Alexander Blatchford?

15.  Q) Which horse won the Grand National in 1999?

16.  Q) Which British author wrote the 2003 crime novel A Question Of Blood?

17.  Q) In which English county is Newstead Abbey, the ancestral home of the poet Lord Byron?

18.  Q) In a right-angled triangle, which trigonometric function is the ratio of the length of the opposite side to that of the hypotenuse?

19.  Q) In which sport do amateur players compete for the Walker Cup?

20.  Q) On The Road is one of the best known novels by which U.S. author?

21.  Q) What is the capital of Kyrgyzstan?

22.  Q) British prime minister during World War I, who was brought up and died in Llanystumdwy, North Wales?

23.  Q) In the phonetic alphabet, what is the word for the letter F?

24.  Q) TAP is the national airline of which European country?

25.  Q) Texas hold 'em is a popular variety of which card game?

26.  Q) Which chemical element has the symbol Al?

27.  Q) What is the name of the hot, dry wind from Northern Africa that blows into Europe from the southeast?

28.  Q) Rho is the 17th letter of which alphabet?

29.  Q) Which make of ageing British bomber was used to mount the Black Buck raids at the start of the Falklands War?

30.  Q) A vehicle with EC on its registration plates is from where?

31.  Q) Oberon is a moon of which planet?

32.  Q) What is a hookah?

33.  Q) What is the name of the rover launched in 2011 to explore the surface of Mars?

34.  Q) Who was runner-up in the World Snooker Championship in 2018?

35.  Q) By what name were troops loyal to the sultan of the Ottoman Empire known?

36.  Q) A lustrum is a period of how many years?

37.  Q) In what year was football's Premier League founded?

38.  Q) Where were the Winter Olympics held in 2002?

39.  Q) Which foodstuff is made from animal collagen?

40.  Q) How many toes does a passerine bird have on each foot?

41.  Q) With which instrument was band leader Acker Bilk most closely associated?

42.  Q) The Phalaenopsis is a genus of what type of plant?

43.  Q) The late Thomas Nast is often known as the Father of the American - what?

44.  Q) Which English Monarch preceded Edmund the Magnificent?

45.  Q) The Nokia ringtone, also known as Gran Vals, is taken from a phrase of music by which Spanish composer?

46.  Q) Agliophobia is the fear of what?

47.  Q) How is/was Mark Feld better known?

48.  Q) When did Angela Merkel become German Chancellor?

49.  Q) Which English city is the home to Addenbrooke's Hospital?

50.  Q) In which decade was the Ryder Cup first held?

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