1.  Q) Complete the title of the song by The Darkness: Christmas Time ( Don't Let The ..... End )?

2.  Q) Which legendary king is said to have founded the city of Bath?

3.  Q) Who rode Comply or Die to victory in the Grand National in 2008?

4.  Q) Dennis Banks is the real name of which US comedian?

5.  Q) Which artist was behind the One & Other project which sees 2400 members of the public occupying a plinth in Trafalgar Square for an hour at a time?

6.  Q) On what river does Bishtek, Kyrgyzstan stand?

7.  Q) Mali is a landlocked country situated on which continent?

8.  Q) Which chemical element has the symbol Rg?

9.  Q) What was the British Christmas No.1 Single in 1959?

10.  Q) In the phonetic alphabet, what is the word for the letter W?

11.  Q) Shreveport is a city in which US state?

12.  Q) Where would you find an airport named after Benito Juarez?

13.  Q) What's the minimum age to buy liqueur chocolates in the UK?

14.  Q) What word do computer gamers use for the object or character which represents them in the game's universe?

15.  Q) How many times a day is the Shipping Forecast broadcast on BBC Radio?

16.  Q) Which politician was the last Governor of Hong Kong?

17.  Q) When Muhammad Ali met George Foreman to decide the World Heavyweight title in 1974, what was the title of their boxing encounter?

18.  Q) Larceny is a name for what type of crime?

19.  Q) Who killed Medusa?

20.  Q) Hodophobia is the fear of what?

21.  Q) In which English county is the coastal town of Burnham-on-Sea?

22.  Q) Castor and Pollux are stars in which constellation?

23.  Q) How many men have flown to the moon but never landed on it?

24.  Q) Where were the Winter Olympics held in 1960?

25.  Q) Air Baltic is an airline from where?

26.  Q) What was the name of the horse Napoleon rode at the Battle of Waterloo?

27.  Q) Of which politician did US journalist Ed Murrow say: 'He mobilised the English language and sent it into battle'?

28.  Q) Which Swiss mathematician once addressed himself to a famous problem concerning the Seven Bridges of Konigsberg in Prussia?

29.  Q) Which English Monarch preceded Ethelwulf?

30.  Q) Which metric prefix is equivalent to ten raised to the power of -18?

31.  Q) Who won a Best Actress Oscar in 1974 for her role in the film Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore?

32.  Q) Brisbane Road is the home ground of which London football team?

33.  Q) Xylology is the study of what?

34.  Q) Which girl group released a cover version of the single I'll Stand By You in 2004?

35.  Q) Who was sheriff of the Kansas town Four Feather Falls in Gerry Anderson's Sixties puppet series of that name?

36.  Q) What type of creature is a dunnock?

37.  Q) In the British Air Force, what rank is immediately below Flight Sergeant?

38.  Q) For what team was Mika Hakkinen driving when he won the Formula One championship in 1998?

39.  Q) What is the tenth commandment?

40.  Q) Seattle is the largest city in which American state?

41.  Q) In which year did construction of the International Space Station begin?

42.  Q) Girl With A Pearl Earring is a 17th-century oil painting by which artist?

43.  Q) What is the atmosphere of Venus mainly made up of?

44.  Q) A rosary is a traditional devotion of which religion?

45.  Q) Consumption of the sciatic nerve is forbidden in which religion?

46.  Q) Where can the huge cannon known as Mons Meg be found?

47.  Q) One horse-power is equivalent to how many watts?

48.  Q) Who was runner-up in the World Snooker Championship in 1983?

49.  Q) Who wrote the play The Duchess Of Malfi?

50.  Q) Who was the 41st US President?

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