1.  Q) What is the English name for the vegetable known in the US as a zucchini?

2.  Q) In chemistry, what does an anhydrous substance lack?

3.  Q) Binary code is made up of which two numbers?

4.  Q) Where would you find an airport named after Alfonso Lopez Pumarejo?

5.  Q) In the phonetic alphabet, what is the word for the letter M?

6.  Q) Which mineral is sometimes known as fool's gold?

7.  Q) Which metal is called Stannum in Latin?

8.  Q) Who won the World Snooker Championship in 1987?

9.  Q) Who won the Formula One Driver's championship in 1964?

10.  Q) What is the second most abundant gas in the Earth's atmosphere?

11.  Q) Middle East Airlines is an airline from where?

12.  Q) Which book of the Bible gives the names of the three wise men?

13.  Q) The endive is a leaf vegetable belonging to which plant family?

14.  Q) In maths, what is the square root of 2,500?

15.  Q) How is/was Joel Solomon Cohen better known?

16.  Q) Where in Britain is the Spinnaker Tower?

17.  Q) Who wrote Vanity Fair?

18.  Q) Which English football club has a stand named after Matthew Harding?

19.  Q) Which 2018 film stars Scottish actress Kelly Macdonald as Agnes?

20.  Q) What was the American Christmas No.1 single in 2015?

21.  Q) What word is used to describe plants that lose their foliage for part of the year?

22.  Q) When did Angela Merkel become German Chancellor?

23.  Q) What type of rock is marble?

24.  Q) Which figure of speech is characterised by an abrupt change of direction at the end?

25.  Q) Geomorphology is the study of what?

26.  Q) Melissophobia is the fear of what?

27.  Q) For whom did Sir John Vanbrugh design Blenheim Palace?

28.  Q) What is the collective noun for philosophers?

29.  Q) According to Duran Duran, who dances on the sand?

30.  Q) By what other name is Hansen's disease known?

31.  Q) In computing, what does NOP stand for?

32.  Q) Which bird has the Latin name Otus scops?

33.  Q) Which 17th-century Primate of All Ireland is today remembered for placing the moment of the Earth's creation in the year 4004BC?

34.  Q) Which character did Peter Mayhew play in the original Star Wars film?

35.  Q) Djibouti is a country on which continent?

36.  Q) Where in England is the Britannia Royal Naval College?

37.  Q) Which two books of the Bible do not contain the word "God"?

38.  Q) For which English football club did Jack Charlton play for his entire career?

39.  Q) For what does PVC stand?

40.  Q) Who captained France in the final of the 2018 FIFA World Cup?

41.  Q) How is/was Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou better known?

42.  Q) Who said: "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones. "?

43.  Q) From which type of seed is the spice mace derived?

44.  Q) Which chemical element has the symbol Bh?

45.  Q) Which type of shark is the man-eating subject of Peter Benchley's novel Jaws?

46.  Q) How many sides does an undecagon have?

47.  Q) Which British king tried to levy the tax known as ship money without the consent of Parliament?

48.  Q) In Greek mythology, who was the Titan goddess of the Moon?

49.  Q) What type of creature is a boa constrictor?

50.  Q) The Hundred Years' War was fought by which two countries?

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