1.  Q) What was the American Christmas No.1 Single in 1966?

2.  Q) SOHCAHTOA is a mnemonic used in which mathematical field?

3.  Q) What is the largest of the 88 modern star constellations?

4.  Q) Which US President preceded James Madison?

5.  Q) In the phonetic alphabet, what is the word for the letter G?

6.  Q) In computing, what does ASCII stand for?

7.  Q) Who was runner-up in the Wimbledon ladies' singles final in 1979?

8.  Q) What can be measured using millibars?

9.  Q) Miranda is a moon of which planet?

10.  Q) Who won the World Snooker Championship in 1946?

11.  Q) Which Old West sheriff shot and killed the outlaw Billy The Kid in 1881?

12.  Q) TimAir is an airline from where?

13.  Q) The fabric linen is made from the fibres of which plant?

14.  Q) Botanophobia is the fear of what?

15.  Q) Which bird has the Latin name Calidris canutus?

16.  Q) For which wedding anniversay is Lace the traditional recognized gift?

17.  Q) Where would you find an airport named after Manas?

18.  Q) Where were the Summer Olympics held in 2008?

19.  Q) Which landmark stretches for more than 5500 miles from Shanhaiguan in the East to Jiayuguan in the West?

20.  Q) In the Bible, how many humans were on board Noah's Ark?

21.  Q) The Queen Alexandra's Birdwing is the largest species of which insect?

22.  Q) What is the name of the hot, dry wind from Northern Africa that blows into Europe from the southeast?

23.  Q) For which film did Cliff Robertson win an Oscar in 1968?

24.  Q) In World War II, what codename was given to top secret material gleaned from Nazi Enigma machines by the Allied codebreakers?

25.  Q) Lord Sugar was once the chairman of which football club?

26.  Q) Potamology is the study of what?

27.  Q) Which British actor plays the title role in the TV drama Patrick Melrose?

28.  Q) How is/was Patricia Mae Andrzejewski better known?

29.  Q) In which month does the shortest day of the year occur in the northern hemisphere?

30.  Q) A vehicle with BW on its registration plates is from where?

31.  Q) Who was the main singer and songwriter with Seventies soft rock band Bread?

32.  Q) Which coastal structure won 2017's Riba Stirling Prize for the UK's best new building?

33.  Q) Which country was formerly called Hellas?

34.  Q) In the British Air Force, what rank is immediately below Senior Aircraftman?

35.  Q) What is the capital of Papua New Guinea?

36.  Q) What is the meaning of the Italian phrase 'a cappella'?

37.  Q) Cerulean is a shade of which colour?

38.  Q) In which country, in 1879, was Albert Einstein born?

39.  Q) On what river does Nairobi, Kenya stand?

40.  Q) In Roman mythology, who was the messenger of the gods?

41.  Q) In which English county is the large market town of Tamworth?

42.  Q) Ramen is a Japanese dish made of what?

43.  Q) Princess Margaret once owned a private residence called Les Jolies Eaux on which island in the West Indies?

44.  Q) The novel War And Peace is set during the 1812 French invasion of which country?

45.  Q) What is the white fur called, derived from the winter coats of ermine and red squirrels, and used for trimming ceremonial robes?

46.  Q) Plumbum is an obsolete name for which metallic element?

47.  Q) If you have symptoms named after late doctor John Braxton Hicks, what are you?

48.  Q) Regarded as one of the founders of modern astronomy, what nationality was Johannes Kepler?

49.  Q) In legend, the griffin had the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a what?

50.  Q) Where in Britain is the Spinnaker Tower?

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